Abu Dhabi, UAE, 18 March 2021: Department of Health Abu Dhabi announced the winner in the 3rd edition of the health hackathon (Preg-a-thon) which was organized by the Department of Health Abu Dhabi and Danat Al Emarat Hospital for Women & Children, titled “The Road to Safety Pregnancy Hackathon”. The hackathon served as a platform for innovative minds and young talents in the field of healthcare and artificial intelligence to develop pregnancy care programs and applications that help in reducing the risks of pregnancy complications.

The two organizing sides announced the winner of this hackathon, which developed a smart application called UMOOMA; which is an innovative digital application that can predict outcomes and uses AI in the different stages of pregnancy to improve the quality of care provided to pregnant women who might suffer from pregnancy complications. The application uses real health data to predict the pregnancy condition, aiming to support clinicians and patients to provide a comprehensive clinical care and create a sustainable ecosystem by merging it with the healthcare system used at Danat Al Emarat Hospital.
The application also can measure vital signs of the patient and will ask questions based on the latest scientific studies to help in assessing the case by physicians virtually. Pregnant women will describe the pain they feel in details, which will show if the case needs urgent care. The application also provides a platform for consultations and needed medication could be prescribed for the pregnant lady.
The winning team which consists of; Sanjidah Hafez, Nurse; Yatharth Kher, Developer; Neetesh Bhati, Data Scientist; Sarthak Sethi, Designer; Dr Tanveer Ahmed Yadgir, Physician; will get the chance to witness their application executed at Danat Al Emarat Hospital soon.

Five teams of innovators competed to create AI programs designed to manage potential pregnancy complications at Abu Dhabi’s hackathon titled “The Road to Safe Pregnancy Hackathon”. Each team consisted of five members including a doctor, a nurse, a programmer/ a designer, an app developer and a data specialist from the UAE and from outside the country. The five teams presented their proposals in front of the Preg-a-thon’s jury inlcuding Dr. Hamed Al Hashemi, Director of Strategic Affairs at Department of Health Abu Dhabi,; Dr. Mohaymen Abdelghany, CEO of Danat Al Emarat Hospital; Ms. Eman Al Shorafa, COO of Danat Al Emarat Hospital; Mrs. Farah Al Alami, CCO at United Eastern Medical Services (UEMedical); Dr. Zainab Khazaal, Department Manager of Healthcare Policy & Standards at Department of Health Abu Dhabi.

The health hackathon is organized by the AI Lab at Department of Health Abu Dhabi; the first of its kind platform to attract innovators and young talents in the healthcare field to encourage them to adopt new methodologies based on innovation and creativity.