11 November 2018, UAE: Fatima College of Health Sciences and United Eastern Medical Services (UEMedical) signed today a Memorandum of Understanding to collaborate in training students and attracting graduates from Nursing, Pharmacy, Radiology and Physiotherapy Departments at UEMedical different facilities including Danat Al Emarat Hospital for Women & Children, HealthPlus Fertility Centers, HealthPlus Specialty Centers and Moorfields Eye Hospital Abu Dhabi.

The MoU was signed by Dr. Ahmed Al-Awar, Managing Director of Institute of Applied Technology, and Mr. Mohammed Ali Al Shorafa Al Hammadi, CEO and Managing Director of United Eastern Medical Services in the presence of a number of officials from both parties.

Dr. Ahmed Al-Awar emphasized that the college is keen to sign Memorandum of Agreements with public and private healthcare institutions to open new horizons to train our students and appoint our graduates from different specialties. He highlighted that the college management are looking forward to more collaborations with the private medical sector, which is considered a strategic partner with the public sector.

He also added that the private healthcare sector in Abu Dhabi with its multiple key facilities is capable of accommodating more graduates from Fatima College and training them in accordance with the highest standards and educational levels which will enhance their competencies.

Mr. Mohammed Ali Al Shorafa Al Hammadi said that UEMedical is ready to collaborate with Fatima College of Health Sciences in different areas, highlighting that the group through Danat Al Emarat Hospital for Women & Children, HealthPlus Fertility Centers, HealthPlus Network of Specialty Centers and Moorfields Eye Hospital Abu Dhabi will train students according to the college requirements and plans.

He also added that as part of the MOU, UEMedical would work closely with Fatima College to attract its graduates, especially Emiratis to work in UEMedical’s different facilities. “We also look forward to the mutual benefits of this MOU, as Fatima College would continuously present advanced executive training courses to our team members.”

Dr. Hamed Al Neyadi, Senior Manager Executive Government Relations at Fatima College, said: “We always seek to cooperate with top hospitals who are known for their quality care in order to train our students who would excel in their specialties and who would be then ready to contribute and work in the private health sector in UAE. Today, we are collaborating with Danat Al Emarat Hospital, a renowned specialized hospital and is considered one of the key leading facilities in Abu Dhabi, besides HealthPlus Network of Specialty Centers and Moorfields Eye Hospital Abu Dhabi.”

This MoU aims to promote cooperation between the two parties entering into a strategic partnership in the fields of health sciences and in all areas of common interest to achieve the vision and strategic objectives for both parties, and to attract and nominate students from FCHS for scholarships and later employments in the appropriate fields in the group.

According to the MoU, UEMedical will also participate in FCHS advisory / stakeholder meetings, and cooperate in the fields of scientific studies and research of common interest.

Moreover, and in the light of the MoU, a joint committee was set up to put in place mechanisms for implementation, follow-up and direct supervision to discuss means of constructive cooperation and exchange of information between the two parties in the proposed areas of cooperation.