Job Description:

The role of the Infection Control Nurse is to ensure Infection Prevention and Control (IPC) is addressed in all HealthPlus Medical Services and reflected throughout all activities related to healthcare provision. Have the authority to challenge inappropriate practice; To act as an Infection Prevention and Control resource for the organization and liaise with the Quality Department.


Requires a current RN license with BSN of 4 years in nursing /midwifery with a diploma in infection prevention and control.
Preferred or Masters in Public Health (MPH)degree or in infection prevention and control from a four-year college or university.


• Coordinates infection control activities including surveillance, proactive approaches to reduce infection risks.
• Have the authority to challenge inappropriate practice
• Review and develop Infection Prevention and Control policy and procedure as required
• Assess the impact of all existing and new policies on infections and make recommendations for change;
• Identify, control and investigate outbreaks in collaboration with the Committee members
• Conduct Infection Control Audits on a regular basis to ensure compliance with Infection
• Control best practice within the health service
• Participate in the staff immunization and post exposure program including provision of immunization, counselling, and data management
• Undertake -surveillance programs including gathering, entering, interpreting and presentation of data
• Strives to maintain current knowledge, advising the committee, the organization of new and emerging infection control practices
• Assist with product evaluation as appropriate
• Develop annual Quality and Business plans for Infection Control
• Participate in the Quality Improvement process, including the initiation and participation in Infection Control activities
• Participate in relevant committees/project teams
• Act as a resource to provide information, resolve infections control problems
• Ensure all cases of communicable diseases are reported to the appropriate authorities and maintain records.
• Participate effectively in the antimicrobial stewardship program (ASP) committee.
• Participate in the infection control risk assessment (ICRA) during any renovation, construction and demolition activities within HealthPlus.


• Demonstrate ability to set priorities
• Ensure accuracy and completeness of work performed. Submit reports , and conclude assigned projects/ tasks within the deadline
• Ensures that the department is meeting the Key Performance Indicators based on their Operational Targets
• Demonstrates flexibility & dependability
• Accepts and completes other assigned duties and responsibilities
• Participates in educational activities/training , which contribute towards professional growth
• Incorporates knowledge of legal and ethical consideration in job
• Maintains a professional image of self
• Arrives to work dressed in a professional manner
• Approaches situations and day to day activities in a positive manner which avoids antagonism
• Demonstrates ability to lead groups evident by atmosphere of teamwork, efforts to obtain input of others involved in planned activity and lack of internal conflict
• Remains calm under stressful situations using logical and sound judgement to choose appropriate course of action as evident by observation
• Demonstrates effective communication skills. Both verbal an written communications are clear, concise, complete and accurate
• Wears unobstructed HealthPlus identification badge at all times while on duty to identify self to patients, visitors, physicians and co – workers
• Maintains confidentiality of patient and employee information. Converses in appropriate locations
• Accepts and respects other’s colleague’s religion, profession, level of education, gender and any other differences
• Reports to work on time and as scheduled, completes work within designated time; uses computerized punch time system correctly.

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